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Synovation Conditioning Spray

Restores natural looking body and texture to wigs and hairpieces.An everyday spray in, leave in conditioner from our Synovation collection of aftercare products, specially designed to help nurture, protect and deodorise wigs and hairpieces.

The Synovation Conditioner is a light, water-based formula which easy to wash out in cold water. Comes in a delightful fragrance of mint and cucumber. For best results, use with the Synovation Shampoo.

  • Restores natural looking body and texture to get wigs and pik
  • Coats fibres to create a healthy look and works to prevent friction frizz.
  • Can also be used on clean, dry wigs and pieces to assist styling.
  • 250ml

Synovation Conditioning Spray

£8.50 Regular Price
£7.25Sale Price