Superb HH Wig


Sleek Wig Fashion Human Hair Wigs made of 100% human hair are designed to look realistic, with special attention paid to partings.

Our human hair wig fashion offers the following benefits:


SuperB Human Hair Wig

£115.99 Regular Price
£109.99Sale Price
Type of Hair
  • ·The hair is extra soft and we guarantee less tangle

    ·Long lasting and can take both heat and water.

    ·Special attention has been paid to the parting with dark coloured wigs the use of darker bases to complement darker skin tones.

    ·We only use the fine wefts and nets, making our wigs lightweight, airy and easy to wear. With secure combs and adjustable fittings, they stay put whatever the weather!

  • SuperB Human Hair Wig is suitable for you if you’ve lost your hair due to chemotherapy or other cancer treatment, wigs can open up a whole new world of style, image and confidence for you. One practical way of coping with hair loss is to wear a wig. There are many different styles and colours to choose from. They can be natural-looking and comfortable to wear.

    From fitting and maintenance to styles and accessories. 

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