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Yaki texture, with razored ends


Sleek Rebel Synthetic EZ Pony is basic as a lady's make-up sack, our EZ Ponytails is an unquestionable requirement for each trendsetting female. For those moment styles, EZ Ponytails as observed on the catwalks is brisk and simple at the draw of a drawstring or the grasp of a clip. Produced using 100% premium engineered hair Sleek's Synthetic EZ Ponytails are agreeable to wear and present day in variety. For hues that mix well with your hair to moment styles from long to short, straight or wavy at the control of your hands pick EZ Ponytails since it neglects to frustrate.

Rebel Synthetic Ponytail

    • Wear a wig cap 
    • Place the Ponytail on your head and adjust it according to your head size and style 
    • Clip-in the Ponytail to hold it in place 
    • You can also glue it up or use bond to fix it for a long time 
    • Make a bun out of the pony easily
    • Soft and comfortable cap
    • Secure fit so you can wear with confidence
    • Trend setting styles
    • Colours that blend well with your hair
    • Transform your look from day to night
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