The Dream Muse Series offers a collection of five impressive Human Hair Blend Swiss Silk Lace Wigs, boasting a range of flowing voluminous waves to delicately feathered sides and swept fringes. A key feature is its unique lace frontal area, allowing for greater coverage. Measuring 11” × 4”, it stretches from ear to ear and includes baby hair for a more natural look when styled in a ponytail or updo.

Maria Human Hair Blend Swiss Silk Lace Wig

£59.99 Regular Price
£54.99Sale Price
  • Recommendations: Can be styled in ponytail or updo.
    Type of hair: 100% Human Hair and Premium Fibre blend
    Type of product: Lace Wig

    11” × 4” coverage area
    Swiss Silk based lace from ear to ear with the biggest lace size ever!

    • Wider lace width (ear to ear & top area) compared to previous items
    • 11” × 4” Swiss lace coverage area
    • Baby hair from ear to ear and nape
    • Human hair blend adds more naturalness
    • Heat safe up to 180°C
    • Flex fit mesh cup
    • Ultra soft Swiss Lace provides maximum comfort and styling
    • Features individually hand knotted strands for limitless parting