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Juliette Wig



Customers after a regal look will not be disappointed styles from our It’s A Wig’s new Lace Queen Front range. Completely heat safe thanks to the clever Futura Premium Quality Fibre, the quartet delivers fashionable styles – including long tumbling waves and soft elegant layers – in beautiful natural blonde shades to on-trend greys. The nifty Lace Front means hair can be parted in any direction and guarantees natural-looking hairline finishes every time. These It’s A Wig styles also provide excellent volume from root to tip.

Juliette Synthetic Lace Queen Wig

  • Recommendations: This collection is perfect for those looking for dreamy blonde caramel hues, or wanting to don the ever so cool grey colour trend.
    Type of hair: 100% Futura Premium Quality Fibre
    Type of product: Lace Wig

    • 2014 Dominican Republic Beauty Queen Nabila Tapia ‘Queen Collection’
    • Made with Futura Premium Quality Fibre
    • Easy to apply Lace Front method
    • Realistic hairline finish
    • Heat safe
    • Ready-made style out of the box
    • Competitively priced fast fashion
    • Excellent colour choice, including natural blonde mixes and greys
    • Available in seven styles: Charlotte, Irina, Genevieve Lauren, Sofia, Juliette and Eugenie
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