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Monofilament Wig Mono Crown Lace Front HC Abigail Mono Lace Wig  . Hair Couture by Sleek Abigail Wig is made of 100% Premium Synthetic fibre with monofilament crown and front lace on soft net wig cap. It is the most realistic wig, ultra light and soft, it's the best choice for those who have hair loss problems and thin hair.


Hair Couture by Sleek Monofilament Soft Net Wig is made of 100% Premium Synthetic fibre with monofilament and soft net wig cap. The hair is made of premium high quality synthetic fibres giving the hair a soft, human hair touch and the beautiful, modern and professionally styled cuts are better maintained and curls last longer. The hair is hand tied on a double or single layer of monofilament top base. The monofilament is made of thin, nearly transparent, breathable fabric which is smoother, softer and much more comfortable than other types of wigs. 

The fabric takes on the colour of your own natural scalp allowing for a natural looking parting whilst preventing irritation and itchiness from heat and moisture build up and is deal for those with a sensitive scalp or hair loss. The hand tied technique uniquely used in the monofilament means each strand of hair is attached one strand at a time and gives the appearance of hair growing directly from the scalp which can be parted in any direction to achieve a natural, realistic look.
The cap is made of a breathable, thin fabric and is much more comfortable to wear without irritation and itchiness. Each strand of hair is attached one at a time to achieve a luxurious, life like and long lasting wig. This is the most luxurious synthetic wig you'll find. 


💖This Wig is Suitable for NHS Cancer Patients💖

HC Abigail Monofilament Synthetic Wig

  • Please follow all instructions on the packaging!

    Washing your synthetic hair Wig:

    • Apply a small amount of mild shampoo and rinse in Lukewarm water.
    • Take care not to rub or twist the hair.
    • For best result leave to drip dry.
    • Detailed care instructions are provided with each wig.
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