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Made of 100% tangable synthetic fiber and are super easy to use. These hair toppers have been specifically designed to blend with the natural hair, so you can easily change your hairstyle, add a little volume to your hair or to conceal hair loss or thinning hair.


A natural looking synthetic hair topper piece with 4 clip to attach to blend to natural hair.


The topper piece can be heat styled to blend into your natural hair



💖This Wig is Suitable for NHS Cancer Patients💖

Sleek Hair Couture Synthetic Topper Piece

    • Open the snap clips on the piece.
    • Align the topper with the hair loss area and your hairline.
    • Gently clip in the front back and sides, keeping the pieces taut as you secure it.
    • Blend the topper with your natural hair and styles as desired.
  • Medical Wigs

    Since the days of Cleopatra in 18th Dynasty Egypt, hair has been associated with femininity, health and power and to this day most of us take our hair for granted until such time we lose it due to medical reasons such as chemotherapy treatments, alopecia, female pattern baldness, and naturally thinning hair

    💖This Wig is Suitable for NHS Cancer Patients💖

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