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Sleek, straight style, the Sanna wig also has top quality Remy Hair, lace front & back, with a 4” deep providing multiple parting options.

Sanna Remy Wig

    • Please handle the lace unit with care as pulling and streching can result in loose lace edge or torn laces.
    • Carefully trim the lace and postion along the hairline or behind your baby hair.
    • The hair along the parting can be sprayed with oils for a flatters finish and clearer parting line.
    • Apply your shade of foundation or a mixture of eye-shadows that have brown and black tonmes along the parting for a better match to your complexion.
    • Whilst it is possible to dye the hair and bleach the hand-tied knots, we only recommend this is attempted by a professional hair stylist. This process should only be undertaken when considering the type and amount of chemicals which are being used, as a high amounts and strong chemicals will significantly damage the hair and lace.
    • You can brush the straight style wigs. But once you bruch the curly style wigs, the curls will be opened and can be different to the original curls. Please brush the wigs gently.
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